Ella Randal is the second protagonist and is the sister of Jake Randal. She makes her first appearance in Submission 1. She is the person trying to stop an entity called, "The Puppet". She takes most parts filming the videos of supernatural things. She doesn't talk much after the video, "The Road".
Jake Randal spots a person wearing a skull mask in the video, "Changes". That person is most likely to be skullhead, a person trying to stop the Puppeteer clan. She let Jake in her house when he was being chased by the Needles and Fakey. She is spotted by All-Seeing Eye and eventually joins the Puppeteer clan as nicknamed, "The One". Ella Randal is most likely supposed to be a minor character since she doesn't appear in a lot of videos, But the secret behind her is plot changing.

The Big Change Edit

As seen being in the Puppeteer clan, she is confirmed to be Skullhead. In the video, "Log II", she is the entity shown in the book Jake has.

Skullhead Edit

Skullhead is the main alter-ego of Ella. Skullhead's appearance is Ella's everyday clothes with a Skull mask on her head. Skullhead is trying to stop the Puppeteer clan. In Submission 10, she sneaks into their lab taking some pieces of paper and a cannon shell. She is spotted by Needles after opening the front door.

The One Edit

"The One" is the last variant of Ella. As explained in "SHES OURS", she is seen in the back of the truck surrounded by Needles and Fakey. The One now helps the Puppeteer clan along with Jake.

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