Jake and his sisters Ella and Jen.


Jake Randal is the main protagonist and the main antagonist of Mulutongnanay. Jake created a presentation called, "Footsteps of Aswang". Unfortunately, his grandmother fell into a deep sleep. Then, the project was canceled. He currently lives in Cebu. Since the project of Aswang was canceled, he uses his Youtube channel, "Mulutong Nanay" (Ghost Mom) for his supernatural footage of the ghost of his grandma appearing out of nowhere. Throughout his videos, an entity known as "The Puppet" stalks him for a unknown reason.

Jake is the sister of Ella Randal. Ella ends up "accidently" beating up his brother after finding out about his secret.

WARNING: Spoliers!!!

Jake finds out he is the Puppet behind everything. Which explains why he sleepwalks. It explains why he has a high supply of tungsten in his closet.

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