The Puppet Edit



Soul Catcher as seen in Transmission 4

The Puppet (also known as Soul Catcher or ekaJ) is a humanoid-like young boy similar to Jake Randal. He/She is the leader of the most-known clan called, "The Puppeteers". Not much is known about him. All that is known is that, he and his clan have been stalking Jake since his grandmother slipped into a deep sleep. The Puppet is also known to send messages (corrupted videos) to Jake. The Puppet is seen with a mask being made out of a substance called Tungsten. Jake finds that out when he finds some in his closet as seen in Submission 5.

The Puppet made his first appearance in Submission 3 watching Ella sitting on her chair. His voice was never heard besides from his message videos.

The Puppet serves under Slenderman and Mulutong Nanay. Mulutong Nanay refers The Puppet as her grandson as explained in Interview With Aurora. The Puppet is the bait to be caught by Skullhead.


Appearances Edit


Identity Edit

  • The Puppet is not Ella or Fakey
  • The Puppet is a male
  • The Puppet is a young boy
  • The Puppets name ekaJ is Jake backwards.
  • In "Conclusion" it is indeed Jake Randal

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